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Power Plant Engineering – Update

Power Plant Engineering is having a 30,000 hour overhaul! For the last 4 years or more, PowerPlantEngineering.com has been quite a busy site gaining over 60,000 registered users. We felt the timing was right to offer a service to regular visitors that leverages PPE's presence in the energy space.  We aim to make a slow progression towards three key goals: Provide human and manually approved postings of companies, jobs and resumes related to the Power Plant/Energy sector; Provide and share useful information that helps our regular visitors; and Provide an opportunity for interested visitors to partner with Power Plant Engineering (PPE) by submitting value added articles, services and/or training. As was the case in the past, we will put quality, usefulness and relevancy at the head of all decisions regarding content inclusion.   There have been situations in the past where very credible companies were unable to be included in PPE, because their service offering did not meet the expectations of our visitors.   We are interested…

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